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Case study

A consumer electronics and mobile communications company, which specializes in mobile devices, was seeking to help identify target countries and routes to market for international expansion for a new category of products. It required data that supplemented Canalys subscription services. It also required information on consumer buying trends and sentiment in the key countries.


Identify target counties for expansion
Consumer trends and perception


China HQ consumer electronics vendor


Smartphone data and analysis
Online consumer survey

  • Smartphone market analysis: Canalys used data from its Smartphone Analysis service to help size the market, show the primary routes to market and provide overall projections. From this we identified 10 key markets where telco service providers were key routes to market. We provided detailed data on shipments going through each service provider and provided monthly tracking of the information as the vendor started its roll-out.
  • Online consumer survey: Canalys ran an online survey in the 10 markets identified around the world to understand consumer perception of the brand, competitors, pricing and purchasing preferences. The survey was done with a partner agency and Canalys provided the analysis and final presentations, in combination with our market opportunity analysis.


Client outcome

Canalys was able to help highlight the key markets for expansion and identify a routes-to-market strategy. We were able to provide ongoing data and forecasts to help the client benchmark against key competitors in each market, and their share within key channels over the following two years. The vendor has now hit at least third place in terms of market share in seven out of the 10 markets originally identified.


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